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What is it about?


Storylines: Her Voice Matters is a

project that invites women to share

their experiences of sexual and

reproductive health.  


Each story becomes part of a bigger story

that will help build a picture of how we can improve the quality, access, and type of health support for women.

Sexual and reproductive health is an important issue for all women, affecting them at every life stage, and influences how women develop and maintain meaningful relationships, appreciate their bodies, interact with others, express affection, love, and intimacy and by choice, bear children (WHV, 2016). 

A woman’s sexual and reproductive health is influenced by her access to affordable and timely information and services. 
It can be about :


  • sex education 

  • periods

  • sexually transmitted infections

  • contraception

  • polycystic ovarian syndrome 

  • endometriosis

  • libido

  • fertility support

  • all-options pregnancy support

  • termination of pregnancy

  • childbirth

  • prenatal and postnatal support

  • cancer screening (breast/cervical)

  • menopause & peri-menopause; and

  • other issues that affect a womans health.

What does the project involve?


Storytelling is the universal tool that enables humans to express, understand and connect. It helps us to process and express feelings, and make meaning from our experience. Visual storytelling uses images which can help us find the words to share our experience. 

Storytelling has been chosen because it is accessible for all women and deepens our connection to who we are. Her Voice Matters provides different ways for you to tell and share your story.

What will happen to my story?


Your story will be used to tell us where things are working well and where things are not working well. As we gather experiences of women from across our region we will have a clear picture of what women really need in order to have great sexual and reproductive health. 

You can share your story here on the website or download the Her Voice Matters Pack and email your story to us. Your experience will become an important part of future changes to Women's Health Services in our region.


How can I be involved?

Choose an option from below that suits you best.

  • download a pack that guides you through the process

  • submit your story online

  • call us and share over the phone or face to face or

  • get us to come to your group and participate in a women's circle workshop. 


We will always treat your experiences with understanding, respect, kindness, and confidentiality.

Options for you to share your story

Download The Her Voice Matters pack that guides you through the process.

Submit your story online using the storytelling guide and visual prompts. 

Call Us: share your story over the phone or face to face. 

Arrange for a facilitator to visit your group or create a group to participate in the project.  


This video explains the power of storytelling as a method for sharing information, building understanding and community. It was developed by the British National Trust and is narrated by Sir Ian McKellen. It is 4 minutes long and demonstrates why Storylines: Her Voice Matters focuses on women sharing stories and wisdom.  

"I raise up my voice, not so I 

can shout, but so that those 

without a voice can be heard."

Malala Yousafzai
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